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Choosing Low-water Plants - Xeriscape

In most parts of Arizona water is a precious commodity, making xeriscaping or xerigardening an essential part of successful gardening in Arizona.  Here are a few ideas that can get you started on that low-water garden.

Indigenous or native plants will likely need less supplemental moisture most years than non-native species. The native species have evolved under the local conditions and usually have well developed mechanisms for surviving extremes in the weather.  In addition to being well adapted, native plants can be some of the most beautiful highlights of your garden.

This doesn’t mean you’re limited to native plants or your typical low-water plants such as cacti, succulents or narrow leafed evergreens.  There are plants found growing in coastal or mountainous regions that have developed mechanisms for dealing with extremely sandy, excessively well-drained soils, or rocky cold soils in which moisture is limited for months at a time. 

There are also many herbs that adapt well to our arid conditions and are beautiful as accents or centerpieces of your garden.

Some plants adapted to sunny, dry conditions are: Yucca gloriosa, Broom, Yarrow, Nasturtium, California Poppy, Blanket flower, Sedum, Gold Dust (Alyssum), Moss Rose (Portulaca), Juniper, Artemisia, Lavender, Sage, Iris, Thyme, Crocus, and Evening Primrose.



Edited: January 13th, 2009



Arizona Trivia

How long do Tarantulas live? Males typically live 2 - 3 years and females have been known to live as long as 30 – 40 years.




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